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Justin Dennis, PT, DPT, COMT is the owner of Impact Physical Therapy in Evanston, Wyoming. Justin is a Level III Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist which puts him in the top 1% of therapists in the nation.

Justin is an outgoing and energetic physical therapist who has been working in the physical therapy field for 12 years. Justin worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant for 5 years graduating from Idaho State University. He later returned to school to obtain a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Utah. Justin went on to finish a 2 year manual orthopedic certification where he obtained a Level III COMT. He has also completed a level II Trigger point Dry Needling Certification, and provides kinesiology taping.

Justin is committed to helping patients improve no matter what their condition and especially enjoys treating backs, necks and shoulders. He is a skilled manual therapist using all of his techniques and training in a way that achieves results quickly and effectively. Justin is also fluent in Spanish which allows him to help more patients achieve their goals.

Justin enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children. He plays an active role in the community by supporting local events and sports teams. He loves to spend time outdoors hiking, riding his bike, fishing, and playing soccer. He played soccer at a collegiate level and continued to play in leagues after college.

What others say about us

Scott F.

There is Hope!

I saw Justin for my severe back injury. I drove a golf ball 346 yards with a club too short for me, and tore my L 5. (Almost worth it). Again……”almost”! My injury prevented me from walking for 4 months, or do just about anything in life. I lost 30 % of the muscle in my leg from atrophy and crunching the nerve going down my leg. Justin saw me weekly and was able to diagnose and treat with a comprehensive rehab plan. Including a horrific case of vertigo, (separate injury), he stopped all of the spinning nearly instantly.

After extensive therapy for my back injury, I can walk, jump, and laugh again. Some say I can put my foot in my mouth! Ha, but seriously……

We only meet 3 or 4 people in life that are as outstanding as he is. Justin was a professional, caring, gentle, knowledgeable, encouraging therapist who turned my severe back injury around. Without his help, I may have been crippled for life. I am thankful for all his help, he really is an outstanding physical therapist!

Scott F.Colorado Springs, CO